Popular events in Kajaani are Kajaani Dance Festival in February, Kajaani Poetry Week in July, in which is also included Market Street, and Autumn Market in September.

Kaukametsä Cultural and Congress Centre is a place for several annual events. There are about 400 happenings every year, for example concerts, lectures and dance. The most significant events are Kajaani Poetry Week, Kajaani Dance Festival, Kaukametsä Culture Week, Barokki Soi Festival and the spring festival Kajaanin Kevät. 

Vuokatti Sport Resort is open all the year round and is located in Sotkamo, half an hour of drive from Kajaani. Besides downhill skiing, there are possibilities for golf, ball games, swimming, bowling, snowboarding and dog sledding.

Attractions and culture

Kajaani Castle, the Lock-keeper´s cottage and tar canal are a fascinating historical entirety. There is a possibility to play golf on a 9-hole course. Almost obligatory places for nature-lovers are Talaskangas Nature Reserve and Otanmäki Bird Lake. There are historical attractions in the Paltaniemi Village, such as Paltaniemi Church built in the year 1726 and Eino Leino House displaying the lifework of this poet master as well as works of Elias Lönnrot.

There are the following museums in the city: Kainuu Museum, Kajaani Art Museum and the peasant museum Riihipiha.

The Neo-Gothic Kajaani Church was built in the year 1896. The Orthodox Church was inaugurated in 1959. The Orthodox chapel has been in use from the year 2012. Art Nouveau Vuolijoki Church, the only Greystone Church of the Kainuu region, has been built during the years 1905 – 1906.

There are several public sculptures and monuments in the city, for example Begging hands, the sun dial, Eino Leino, Elias Lönnrot, Refugee Stone and Grave memorial.

Kajaani City Theatre was grounded in the year 1969. There are also professional theater Vaara-kollektiivi, stage of performing arts Generaattori, Kajaani Amateur Theatre, production group for modern dance Routa, Paltaniemi Summer Theatre and Vuolijoki Summer Theatre. Films are shown in the Cinema Center Biorex.

The industry in Kajaani is comprehensive. The most significant branches are ICT, especially games industry and data center services, and metal industry. The development of the most important branches and the economic structure of the Kainuu region is supported by Kainuun Etu Ltd. Education is offered in Kainuu Vocational College, the unit of the University of Oulu, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, Kaukametsä School and Kainuu Music College.

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